We're so pleased to have you back

Our parks are the ideal place to get that break away from the day to day, get that breath of fresh air we all need at the moment.

We want to provide you with the reassurance that your park and holiday home is as safe as it can be during this time. There are changes that we have had to make and you may notice things are a little different when you return. We have put together this guide to let you know what to expect when you are at your park. Some of the ways we do things will vary from park to park.

Keeping everything clean and bright (and safe!)

We have introduced new dedicated cleaning teams, focused on all public areas in the park. We are investing, on average, 200 hours per park of additional team member time, which will be dedicated to keeping our public areas to the highest cleanliness levels.

There will be a particular focus on cleaning high touch areas (including tabletops, counters, door handles, bathroom fittings).

We have introduced an anti-viral disinfectant, which is fast acting and highly effective against pathogens similar to Coronavirus (e.g. Norovirus). This disinfectant is very safe and does not require the use of PPE.

We will be providing face coverings for our team members that wish to use them.

Owners Reception

You will still have a dedicated team on park to provide you with any help you need. If you can, please email or call us and avoid visiting the reception.

If you do need to visit your owner’s reception, please get in touch with your park team to find out if it is open or to arrange an appointment with one of the team. Any owner’s receptions that are open will have seating removed, a queuing system, in and out routes and screens; all to help maintain social distancing.

Privilege Cards

We realise many owners didn’t get the chance to collect their new 2020 Privilege Cards. We will ensure these are available to collect. And if you haven’t used your allocation of cards in 2020, you’ll also be able to get those printed. We will let you know how to do this as we get nearer to opening.

Currently we are only allowing; owners, Privilege Card holders and holiday guests (both Haven and private letting guests) on to our parks. Owners and Privilege Card holders will be given priority to any facilities that are open. Please remember to book a table at haven-food.com to guarantee a table, as our capacity is currently reduced we may not be able to accept walk-in bookings. This will help manage capacity and help you comply with social distancing guidelines.

We will provide more information when we are able to allow your Privilege Card holders to sign in guests.

As per the terms and conditions of your Privilege Cards, we will not re-issue or change your 2020 allocated Privilege Cards, if you need to discuss this further please contact your park team.

Park facilities

We will be guided by each parks’ regional Governments as to when we can open facilities at your park.

When we initially open, there will be:
  • Supermarket
  • Takeaway food options
  • Launderette

As restrictions are lifted, we will be in touch with how other facilities will open for you. Please remember, any children’s play areas remain closed until restrictions allow us to re-open them.


Your on-park supermarket has everything you need and more, meaning you don’t need to leave the park!

There are more fresh food and ‘meal deals’ to make ‘dining in’ an enjoyable experience with minimal effort.

Plus, we’re now offering an Grocery Box that is delivered straight to your holiday home, filled with those all-important staple supplies. To order your grocery box, give your park team a call and they will order it for you and let you know when it can be delivered. With your Privilege Card discount the Grocery box is £25.50 (normally £30).

Face coverings in shops and supermarkets are mandatory in Scotland and England (from 24 July 2020). At time of publish, Wales had not made face coverings mandatory in shops, should this change, please follow the government guidance.

Our supermarkets have adopted similar measures to those that you will have seen at your local supermarkets. There are sanitising stations at the entrance for cleaning baskets and hands before entering.

There are queuing systems, along with dedicated routes in and out of the supermarket to ensure social distancing guidelines are met.

We encourage contactless methods of payment wherever possible and you’ll see fitted plastic screens on till points to further protect our team, owners and guests.

As in all our public areas, there is a particular focus on cleaning high touch areas (including tabletops, counters, door handles and basket handles).

Takeaways and Book a table

You’ve definitely earned a break away, so why not take a break from cooking too? Our takeaways have a brand-new website so you can order online, making it quick and easy to order your takeout treat.

To make sure you get your 15% Privilege Card discount simply:
  • 1. Visit www.haven-food.com
  • 2. Add your order to your basket
  • 3. Input the first 4 digits from your Privilege Card into the ‘PROMO CODE’ box which can be found on the right hand side below your basket summary
  • 4. Click ‘APPLY’ then your discount will then be applied, then continue to checkout

When you come to collect, we ask that you follow the queuing system guidance at all our takeaway restaurants. Please be assured that we are regularly cleaning areas such as counter tops and door handles with anti-viral cleaning products.

Our brand new website www.haven-food.com gives you the option to be able to book a table in our restaurants and venues on park.

To book a table:

  • Go to www.haven-food.com
  • Select your park
  • Tick ‘I am a Privilege Card holder’
  • Input your Privilege Card number that can be found on your Privilege Card
  • Then it will show ‘Haven Book your Table’, click on this and you’ll be taken to a new page
  • You will then need to input your Account Number, this will be 2 letters then 6 numbers, eg. AH123456
  • Then complete the date, time, venue and number of guests.

Before you arrive on park

Pre-register your stay on park

We have had to make some changes to how we manage arrivals of owners as well as guests in a safe, and contact-free environment. By knowing who is on park, we can quickly keep in touch with any updates, should we need to. We’ve created a new online system for you to let us know when you are visiting your park, simply visit owners.haven.com. If you are unable to register yourself online, please call your park team.

What measures do we take to ensure the security of your data

Haven takes the security of your personal data seriously. We have put in place appropriate security measures to prevent your personal data from being accidentally lost, used, accessed, altered or disclosed in an unauthorised way.

Examples of some of the measures we take include securing our IT systems and transactional areas of our websites and apps, regular monitoring of our systems against vulnerabilities and limiting access to your personal data to those who need to have access to it, to fulfil our services.

COVID-19 Privacy Policy

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 we are implementing a number of measures to safeguard our Guests, Owners and Team against the health threat that is being posed. Whilst we endeavour to maintain ‘business-as-usual’ to the extent allowed by our particular circumstances, you may come across some new processes that we have implemented following government guidance.

In most cases our processing of your personal data will not be above and beyond what we would originally collect from you. However, we may collect and process new types of information about you or collect data in a new way to manage our arrivals process for owners and guests, ensure social distancing, and support contact tracing. In all cases information collected will be limited to what is proportionate and necessary for the purpose and data protection principles will apply in the usual way.

To ensure that we are transparent, you can view our Covid Privacy Policy together with our main privacy policy at: https://www.haven.com/support/covid-privacy-policy

The policy is designed to advise you about how we may use the information we hold about you in general and in relation COVID-19.

COVID-19 Privacy Policy

1. Visit owners.haven.com and input your details to let us know when you’ll be arriving

  • Please register at least 48 hours before your arrival
  • Select the time you plan to arrive. To minimise your queuing at the park entrance on Mondays and Fridays, please arrive before 12 noon or after 6pm
  • If you are a Simply Letting owner and you’re returning on the same day as a Haven guest departs, please arrive after 4pm to ensure your holiday home is ready

2. You’ll be sent an email that will confirm your registration number, arrival details and car pass which will have a letter ‘O’ for you to show when you arrive

3. When you arrive on park via the main entrance, you’ll be welcomed (from a distance) by our Welcome team

4. To minimise queuing, show the car pass with the letter ‘O’ (this can be printed out or on your device) along with your Privilege Cards. The team will be able to identify you as an owner and you can make your way to your holiday home

5. When you have arrived in your holiday home, please click on the ‘Click to confirm you are on park’ button to let us know you have arrived safely

If you wish to come and go while you’re on park, you’re of course more than welcome to. We will provide you with way to identify you as an owner, display this when you leave and arrive on park so we can wave you through.

When you arrive on park

We'd like to ask all our owners and guests to please not travel if you are feeling unwell or are displaying any of the Coronavirus symptoms.

We have introduced new ways of helping our owners and guests to move around the park to help maintain the government social distancing guidelines. In some cases, this will mean one-way systems are in place across our parks.

New signage is in place to help guests observe these new procedures. We are asking all our owners and guests to help us by adhering to these guidelines.

There are new ways to enter and exit the facilities that are available, to help everyone maintain the new social distancing guidelines. Signage is in place to help.

New signage has been introduced to direct you to the nearest hand washing facilities.

New hand sanitiser stations have been introduced around the parks to maintain hand hygiene.

Please be mindful of the local communities and please ensure you comply with social distancing rules in place in the surrounding areas.

Returning to your holiday home

If you are returning to your holiday home after the lockdown period, you may find your stopcock turned off. Simply turn it back on and you’ll have running water again. As your holiday home will have been empty for a significant period of time please follow these steps: Water outlets (taps, toilets, showers). When you have standing water there is a risk bacteria may build up. We highly recommend that you:
  • Remove your shower head and place in a sink bowl of hot water with an anti-virus disinfectant descaler product for approximately 1 hour. Rinse well with hot water and leave to dry before refitting
  • Close your toilet lids and flush to remove any water that may have been standing. When you have standing water there is a risk bacteria may build up.
  • Turn your water heater up to the highest setting and carefully allow this hot water to run through the shower hose and any taps for 2 minutes, before setting the water temperature to its normal place. Allow the cold water to run through the shower hose and taps for 2 minutes as well

Fridge and freezer contents

We cannot guarantee there has been complete continuous supply of electricity to your caravan during this time meaning there may have been periods where your fridge and freezer may not have been keeping your food at a safe temperature. We would recommend discarding any items in your fridge and freezer.

While you’re on park

Please continue to follow Government guidance, maintain social distance at all times and good personal hygiene. There will be plenty of signage around the park to help with this.

If you or any of your party develops symptoms or suspect they may have Coronavirus whilst staying in your holiday home on park, we kindly as you to return to your primary residence as soon as safe to do so in line with the Government guidelines.

Please let your park team know so we can ensure your holiday home is left empty for 72 hours before.

Owner Events

Government guidance is changing rapidly. At the time of publish, the guidance given mean we would be unable to host any owner events safely. We will keep reviewing the Government guidance and will keep you updated

When you are next on park pop down to the beach and see what sand sculptures you can create. Or enjoy a stroll through our park to see the wildlife that call our park home. We would love to see photos of what you get up to on park - please share them on our Facebook page.

If you had booked on to any event that didn’t take place due to the park being closed, please call your park team to arrange a refund.

Maintenance jobs & safety tests

We are continuing to do the maintenance jobs and safety tests you require. There are some additional measures to ensure the safety of you and our team.

Non-Urgent or general maintenance jobs:
If the job required is ‘non-urgent’ we will schedule the work to be completed when you are not at your holiday home. Please arrange this with your team on park. You will be given clear time scales on when the work will be carried out. When the work is carried out, the team member will wipe all surfaces with sanitising wipes, before and after they are touched.

Urgent jobs
If the job is urgent and you are still on park, we will:
  • Schedule the job in as soon as we can and let you know when that is.
  • We will contact you 15 minutes before we are due to arrive. You will be asked if you are showing any of the Coronavirus symptoms. If you are symptom free, we will request you vacate your holiday home, leaving windows open for ventilation.
  • If you are not able to vacate your holiday home (if it is in the middle of the night, for example) we request you open windows to allow ventilation where possible, and then remain in one room with the door closed whilst our team member is inside your holiday home.
  • The team member may be wearing PPE suitable to the task they are carrying out, they will wash their hands on entering and departing your holiday home. The team member will wipe all surfaces they have touched with sanitising wipes before and after.
By following this process we are ensuring the safety of you and our team member.

Private Contractors

Any contractor employed by you to provide services in connection with your holiday home, such as cleaning or maintenance, must be approved by us before they work on the park and register with us so we hold the appropriate paperwork such as insurances. Any unapproved contractor attempting to work on the park will be turned away.

If you use a contract cleaner, they must pre-register with your park. We will let you know how to do this before we re-open. The information your park team will need from your contract cleaners is:
  • Revised Personal Hygiene levels.
  • Availability and use of disinfectant in their workplace.
  • Clear communications on any illness, symptoms, or contact with others who may be affected by Coronavirus.
  • Where they plan to go while they are on park and at what times.
Please refer to the: ‘Control of Cleaning Contractors Procedure’ document for further details. This can be found on your owners’ website or your park team can supply it to you.

Your owner account

During these uncertain times we have not been charging interest on any outstanding balance on your account and any Direct Debit payments are still frozen.

Now our parks are back open, if you do have an outstanding balance on your account, please arrange to clear any outstanding balance as soon as possible. You can do this online, over the phone or at your park.

Your park team will be in touch to discuss outstanding balances over the coming weeks.